An Advanced RP Mod Server for HL2DM
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Mr. Schnauzer
Mr. Schnauzer

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PostSubject: MUST READ   MUST READ EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 2:48 am

Donations are the foundation of many great servers out there. We sadly are no exception. It would be a very good choice to support us right now. Why? We are a new community and have a huge potential. If you get recognized now and are liked among our community you may be a key part of our future. Donations will go directly to the server, whether it be keep it alive or put in more slots, we could always use the helping hand.

Donations go to:

Each Dollar = 1k + 10XP

$10 total donation give you VIP status on this forum
$25 total donation gives you a Snow Cloak
$50 total donation gives you an Airboat

Steps: Go to paypal. Click the Send Money tab on the top of the menu. Type in the email above and send any amount. Must be whole numbers like 1, 2 , 3, ect. I will check my email everyday or tell me on Steam. Add End of Hope to your friends list and tell me what you email is that you sent it with and how much. I will give you your rewards ingame.
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