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 QQ Proffesional Application

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PostSubject: QQ Proffesional Application   Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:41 pm

Steam:ID Teh_pwnerer795
name: Jerry
Duration: over 24 hours on the server, (22 hours completed on SDK)
Friends/admins: Alex, Schz, Applesauce(Overdosed on my porkchop's), Gunny, Frost, Ronnie, and like... Techo Very Happy
Referred: Referred by Gunny
Ingame: Jesus
I think I will be suitable for the Dreamland Serious Roleplaying server because I enjoy the community, I like the environment of it all. If I did something wrong, I notify that I did and I stop immediately & will never continue. I also get along with many of its members, plus I wish to contribute as much as I can give. Even tho I come out really strong a little too fast Its koolz, thats me Very Happy

This message has been approved by Jesus...

No Not really professional... no not really Laughing tongue

jocolor cheers jocolor Ehhh O! Gotta Let go!
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PostSubject: Re: QQ Proffesional Application   Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:28 pm

home u get in Very Happy
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QQ Proffesional Application
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